SOCIALBLEND: Social Skills in Blended Learning for Better Student Achievement

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Context/background of the project

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This project will seek for opportunities to both increase students' digital skills and increase their active involvement in online teaching activities. The project partners strongly believe that online and blended education will play an increasingly important role in our future education.

When our education aims to be inclusive and aims to contribute to raising active and engaged future citizens we need to pay more attention to social skills in blended learning. This will not only contribute to higher student involvement and higher student motivation. It will also contribute to better student achievement.

The projects' expected outcomes in regards to educators and students/learners are:

  • to enhance learner & educator learning skills;
  • to promote diversity & inclusivity in education;
  • to make participants aware of the role they play in being a part of the solution for global issues (i.e. UN SDGs);
  • to empower learners and young citizens with transversal skills needed for problem solving with an emphasis on social skills;
  • to emphasize the importance of effective communication in creating positive and productive school climates To encourage & support creativity in Blended Learning teaching approaches • To improve learner motivation;
  • to familiarise educators with the productive use of games and playing in education;
  • to support participants efforts to learn how to learn independently;
  • to foster learner & citizen flexibility Project results will include a framework for transversal competences as well as samples of lesson plans indicating pedagogic methods and techniques pertaining to the integration of transversal skill development during curriculum teaching at school.

Practical information

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Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen (Belgium), Magyar Digitális Oktatásért Egyesület (Hungary), Techniczno-Humanistyczna W Bielsku-Bialej (Poland), Impact Games (Slovakia), Satakunnan Ammattikokeakoulu (Finland), De Radiodifuziune (Romania), VitaComm (Cyprus)

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