Realising 5 attributes for qualitative education
  • Realising 5 attributes for qualitative education

In this project schools learn together in a consortium about attributes for qualitative education. Results from international research (a.o. OECD and University of Auckland, New-Zealand) are the foundation what these schools learn internationally. The schools learn how a qualitative policy has a positive impact on the learning of each learner: student, teacher, leader. The focus is on the positive impact when the learning of each learner is central. School in the consortium are encouraged to search systematically on how they can optimize their teaching in a sustainable way.

This international project is in line with the expectations of inspection in Flanders. Inspection has created a frame of reference on quality in education. Starting from this frame of reference, the consortium has detected 5 attributes of quality. The consortium wants to learn about these 5 attributes and want to realise a sustainable policy on it.
The consortium will work in the following attributes:
- to study and to develop systematically the quality of education;
- to develop and to realise a policy on effective professional development/ learning;
- to collaborate in a collegial and collaborative way to realise an integrated policy within schools;
- to optimise the learning process and the live and learning environment;
- to stimulate the learning and the development of all learners.

'Teams' from members of the consortium attend international mobilities. They share what they learn within their organisation. They apply what they learn, share with colleagues and in networks. Advisors of the organisation of the coordinator support the networks in Flanders. Members of the consortium take what they learned on board in their strategic plan and share this with other members of the consortium and other schools.

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