Erasmus Dual 2

This project intends to learn from success stories (but also from the mistakes) from other EU Member States. What is innovative in Flanders might be old news abroad, and transnational projects will allow us to model and implement innovative processes, methods and products in the Flemish field. There is a need for transnational co-operation and knowledge sharing between the consortium and our international partners, both at the level of the actors within the education component, as in the workplace component. We also hope to transfer Flemish good practices to our foreign partners. The consortium plans to send approximately 130 apprentices from the Dual Learning system for a 2 week work placement to foreign companies, with support of various partner organizations in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Estonia, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom. We will also involve students with special needs, working in Dual Training Pathways.

The participants will perform 4 types of tasks in the abovementioned countries: first, there is obviously the learning of specific professional and technical skills and generic work skills at the placement company. Furthermore, the participants will also follow a socio-cultural program elaborated by our foreign partners, and will have the opportunity to develop foreign language skills - except the participants who will flock to the Netherlands. Finally, we expect the participants to record an ambassador role within their classroom, school or training center, where they will help to carry out and promote the importance of the international dimension and international mobility within their own organization and region.

Through this approach, This project aims to improve the attractiveness of Dual Learning and aims to give Dual Learners the opportunity to strengthen their professional technical and personal skills by an international experience - and thus also to increase their employment opportunities.

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